Promote Program Beta - You upload videos, we handle revenue

With this program, you can:
  • Promote your business by yourself. It is completely free
  • Get paid for uploading good content that people want to see. The program is open to anyone with an account, and you get paid monthly with no traffic shaving, and no hidden rules.
  • Users can put their advertising banner code each video they uploaded.
  • Below is how you can make money with your videos:
1. Earn from views (Comming Soon)
You get $5 per 10,000 views from all countries
  • A user must be unique (they haven't downloaded anything else on the site in the last 24 hours)
  • They must watch 2 minutes of the clip in order for you to get paid. Most other affiliates ask for a FULL stream.
  • Clips under 2 minutes are not paid
  • You can earn additional $1 per 10.000 visitors, if these visitors have come from your site.

2. Earn from your own ads
Recommended ads network, please click here to signup
3. How to upload

  • Go to https://1069tube.com/upload.php, put your sharing links and then click fetch video. We support links from: google drive, google photos, youtube, mp4upload, vimeo,....
  • Upload from your local files

Signup for an account, enter your banner code or your VAST tag in your profile, upload your files and link to the videos from your freesite, mgp, linklist or any other type of website to earn money.